This is how every single traffic stop should go in a perfect world

You’ve all seen the titles in the news; Police fatally shoot unarmed and innocent man after traffic stop, fatal shooting during traffic stop etc. In too many situations today, we are exposed to people who don’t know how to conduct themselves during a traffic stop and as a result, well, let’s just say that bad or even fatal things can happen.

This time, though, we check out a situation that was handled incredibly appropriately by both sides of the confrontation. With all of the negative stories from the news, I thought that one was worth sharing with you guys.

When heading home after an afternoon ride, this motorcycle rider happened to be pulled over by police officers for speeding and weaving in and out of lanes and the situation got even more interesting when the police officers noticed that the rider had a gun on his hip.

The rider, instead of reaching for the weapon immediately or making any quick maneuvers, simply waited it out while the officer approached him and he allowed the officer to disarm him.

This is how every single traffic stop should go in a perfect world. I think that this traffic stop was handled with tons of professionalism from both the police and the rider. More people should aim to replicate this.

See it for yourself in the video bellow:

Luka Hribar

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