Who will move with Jorge Lorenzo from Yamaha to Ducati?

The majority of Lorenzo’s mechanics, that have overseen his success since the riders debut in MotoGP in 2008, will be staying at Yamaha.

Jorge Lorenzo explained he didn’t want to pressure his team of mechanics and engineers at Yamaha to make the switch to Ducati next season. Only one mechanic decided he wanted to continue the relationship, Juan Llansa, his mechanic who has been with him since his debut in the 125cc category in 2003.


Reigning world champion said Ducati was not thrilled about changing the current support team line-up. Besides that his current team already has an amazing work environment and support of the company.

I asked my team who wanted to come with me, but I didn’t want to pressure them because I know Yamaha is a very good place to work, they are offered a lot of benefits and they are very comfortable.

Step by step we are building a team, the pieces are starting to fall in place, and I will have Juanito with me as always.

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In the past years, a trend has been established with top tier riders, taking their entire crews along for the move. One of the most notable examples is Valentino Rossi who took his entire core group for a ride from Honda to Yamaha, next stop Ducati and back to Yamaha.

Sometimes you tend to think that the people working with you are the best in the paddock. It would be positive from a confidence side, but you have to consider that sometimes your team is not always the best. I’m sure my team next year will be very competitive and very experienced.

The bets are still out on the next Lorenzo’s Ducati crew chief but is reporting that Cristian Gabarrini, Casey Stoner’s former Honda and Ducati crew chief, is a favorite for the position.


Anze Hribar

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