Closing down San Fracisco Bay Bridge and doing donuts? Checked!

A group of 50 cars closed down the San Francisco Bay Bridge last Sunday evening to put on a road show. This being the land of the free and survaillenced, it is remarkable that none of the drivers have been arrested.

A sideshow is when several cars block off traffic and the open lanes are then used as a stage for burnouts, donuts, and other »tricks«.

In this case, five drivers worked together to block all lanes on the Bay Bridge. With traffic halted, the accomplices of the road blockers — riding in an estimated 50 cars, according to reports, although only a few are seen in the above video

In a video of the road show posted on Instagram we can see that the car owners have removed their license plates to avoid detection. So far the video has over 2,000 likes on Instagram.


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