Working LEGO V8 engine?

Most of us played with LEGO sets when we were kids, but it’s doubtful that any of us came up with something as brilliant as this, because guys from the LEGO Pneumatic Engine (LPE) take it to an entirely different level.

The LPE, is a group of LEGO modelers who use LEGO’s workhorse pneumatic piston and valve pieces to assemble functioning engines. Many are built as models of larger engines, but for the most part, they are custom designs. LPE engines are built as single-cylinder thumpers, to high-revving V8s, all the way up to 64-cylinder radial engines..

»Nicjasno« is one of the big names in LPE building. With previous LPE builds gathering some fame, he’s made a small business out of shipping hand-built LPE engines for other builder’s projects. What’s fascinating, is the build of an engine with components that seem recognizable to us. But when you look close at it.. for example, check out the blue “camshaft” used for the air switches in this video..

Ok we have seen enough, we’ll now get back to our LEGO Fire Station build..

Luka Hribar

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