Angry man gets stuck in snow

Sometimes you just have to calm down and just use your brain..

Check out this video of an angry motorist from Texas that got stuck in a Colorado snow storm. This poor guy must have been having the worst day of his life, because it looks like failing to get his Jeep Grand Cherokee out of a snowy parking space pushed him right over the edge..

Who knows what this unfortunate individual is going through, maybe his wife is about to give birth and he’s gotta get across town as fast as possible. Well, maybe he’s just a maniac..

Either way, his frustration isn’t doing him any favours. Instead of backing up onto the road, he is just sitting deep the in the snow with the full throttle engaged, which doesn’t bring him any closer to freedom until the very end, when a couple of tires finally find traction. I’m also sure he is not using the winter tyres as well.
Btw, did you noticed at 1:28 his mobile phone falls out of his jacket? Did he ever pick it up? He is certainly checking for it at 5:55..

Tip of the day: Next time you get hung up on your way to something important, don’t forget to breathe, keep calm and use your brain!

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Luka Hribar

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