Crazy and extreme Barbie jeep racing !!!

We’ve seen some dangerous, ill-advised, and drunken activities, but holy cow this one just might take the crazy cake.

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Held on Alabama’s Morris Mountain, the hilarious annual event is organized by the motorsports production company Busted Knuckle Films. Extreme Downhill Barbie Jeep Racing is exactly what it sounds like. Two crazy adult people, both male and female, get in a toy jeep and race it down a seriously sketchy hillside while surrounded by a thousand or so presumably drunken revelers. This perfect redneck sport has been exploding over the past year.

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After the two best racers go head-to-head, the lucky winner takes home a grand prize that may include »$12, some RBD stickers, and a Burger King Gift Card« which was the prize from the first official Extreme Barbie Jeep Race held in 2010. 

One of the participants said: »It’s downhill, out-of-control chaos. «

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And he’s not kidding. Because those toy jeeps are made for children and are made out of plastic, it’s common for a steering wheel to fly off, so be prepared to see “some nasty crashes and pile of destroyed vehicles” in videos down bellow.

For example in 2014, a racer lost control and busted his knee when his plastic Jeep crashed into a spectator’s real Jeep, costing him three months of work. Once, a rider face-planted after her front wheels came off her plastic rig, breaking her arm in two places. People get knocked out cold all the time.. makes downhill mountain biking look like a joke.

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Many of the vehicles can be salvaged for future races. Others will end up in the trash.

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For those interested in getting involved in this nuts pastime, there is a dedicated Facebook page with almost 40,000 followers. Just be sure your health insurance is paid up!

Luka Hribar

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