One of the world’s most iconic and “greatest” roads to drive, The Stelvio Pass. But is it really?

Well, it certainly is one of the highest and most dramatic mountain passes to drive in the European Alps. With 48 hairpin turns at 2758m above sea level, the »Passo dello Stelvio« is the official highest road in Italy and the third highest in the Alps.

Stelvio pass 2

However, here’s the catch. Due to the Stelvio Pass’s iconic status (not just with car enthusiasts and bikers), it’s one of the busiest roads of the ultra high passes in the European Alps.  Any road like Stelvio is amazing if you close it down. In reality, the Swiss side of Stelvio is crowded with RVs, buses, cyclists and people driving slowly and stopping by to take a photo of the scenery. What’s also deceiving is the width of the road. It’s very narrow and you can’t really floor it, because you don’t want to hit a bus or ride off the cliff to avoid a cyclist.

Stelvio pass 1

Of course much was made of the Stelvio Pass after Top Gear voted this the best driving road in the world in 2008. Therefore, we give you an example of four nearby beautiful roads, which are less crowded, wider and more fun to drive: The Gotthard Pass, the Furka Pass, the Grimsel Pass and especially the Susten Pass.

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Luka Hribar

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