Clarkson, Hammond & May – The Grand Tour

The iconic ex Top Gear trio have finally decided on the name for the new show – The Grand Tour. Actually to be more exact, Amazon Prime’s marketing department decided they have built enough anticipation and gave the green light for the name to be released into the wild.

You can visit their Facebook page here and the Amazon website for more information.

Though we all know it’s going to be a show mainly about cars, the genre listed on the Facebook page is »General Chaos«. I believe, without a doubt, they’re going to live up to that description.

What about that name, »The Grand Tour«? At first it just seems bland, and not all that innovative but on the other hand »Top Gear« isn’t all that original either. What really matters is the content and the fact that the trio is back coming in fall 2016 with a boat load of crazy stunts.

The Grand Tour vs Top Gear?

There will be some differences between Top Gear format and The Grand Tour. Most obvious, they ditched the single studio location and opted for travel, hence the name.

Abbreviation of the name is also a backward abbreviation of Top Gear, GT vs TG. So a little flicker of hope still remains, that we will see another version of the Stig and it could be called the Gits 🙂

More about the show

They will be traveling the world setting camp in different locations, which means you won’t need to save up to go to Britain and stand in the rain to get to the damp studio. Double win!

Jeremy Clarkson and James May also had a short Q&A today on Facebook. Read some of the funniest questions and replies down below.

About the name

better name jeremy clarkson

hitler would have been worse james may

underwhelming name jeremy clarkson

lame name jeremy clarkson

The tent got some attention as well

3 man tent jeremy clarkson

building a tent jeremy clarkson

little green tent jeremy clarkson

best car on grand tour james may

Capitan Slow is…erm, slow?

why are you so slow james may

captain slow jeremy clarkson

More random questions and comments

big grand show jeremy clarkson

dacia sandero james may

favourite steam locomotive james may

fearing for life james may

Gresly p2 james may

is clarkson a moron james may

Phil Collins jeremy clarkson

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