A snow rallying Ferrari F40!

Everyone loves the Ferrari F40. But is there anything cooler than a Ferrari F40 with rally lights, racing through snow? Nope, there is not.

We usually see car guys and their stunning dream cars, beautifully polished, sitting in garage for the sole purpose of being an addition to a collection. Everyone is free to do what they want with a car they own. But one thing is certain. Takeshi Kimura does not belong to this group.

He enjoys his supercars to the fullest, and at times in a crazy ways. A few years ago he was spotted taking his Ferrari F40 camping, and he bettered that in a video collaboration with Red Bull.

And the crazy thing is the F40 looks like a natural in the snow. It slides around corners, kicking up huge rooster tails of snow, and all the while it looks, should we say.. happy?

red bull f40 rally snow 1200x493

Now, it’s your time to enjoy!

Luka Hribar

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