This is the maddest hillclimb you will see today

Watch this video as this 1400 HP MAN truck take on the hill on one of the most popular motorsport events in Switzerland – Bergrennen Gurnigel. The video is from 2012. Listen to the monster diesel engine as it powers up the hill to get to the finish point..

I don’t know much about trucks but here are some tehnical features about this monster. It’s powered by 1400 HP (in Hillclimb condition 1200 HP) diesel engine, it has 5800 NM of torque, it weights 4500kg and the top speed is, believe it or not, 268 km/h (167 mph). It is an inofficial value though, because at race events like that one, the truck is limited to 160 km/h as a FIA law. The truck also have a 16 gear H-gearbox from the original MAN truck.

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Luka Hribar

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