Did Rossi screw up his championship title chances?

The last race at 2016 Sachsenring Deutschland Grand Prix was a disaster for both factory Movistar Yamaha riders, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. It’s just difficult to understand, how so much experienced riders failed to deliver the good result because of very cheap mistake.

Valentino Rossi, the nine times world champion is one of the most naturally talented, intelligent and most experienced drivers Moto GP world has ever see. He’s able to think at insane speed, while wrestling his motorbike on the corners of the race track. He’s working with one of the best crews around, so it’s almost impossible to believe, that Rossi would ignore their instructions during the last Sunday’s race.

Rossi stayed out on track on wet tires instead of pitting while Marc Marquez was driving behind him with the speed of light on the slick tires. To double the screw up, he did eventually pit, but the slicks were not the same as Marquez’s, he went for intermediates which were not up to do the job on the drying track. My guess is this decision was forced by his team, because they didn’t know when their rider would finally enter the pits. On the other side of Yamaha garage, Lorenzo continued to struggle on the wet track.

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And if you guys remember, very similar situation happened in the last season on the 2015 San Marino Grand Prix. In my opinion this was a crucial mistake for Rossi losing his 2015 Championship title. Both Lorenzo and Rossi stayed out on wet tires for quite few laps longer than Marquez. Marquez won, Rossi finished 5th and Lorenzo crashed. Learn from mistakes? Guess not.

Whatever the reason of these irrational decisions, this kind of mistakes will cost Rossi his chances to battle for the ends title chase. The chase might be already over. Marquez is leading for massive 59 points in front of Rossi and 48 of Lorenzo. Now I’m asking you guys, what do you think? Is it too late or is there still a chance for Valentino to reach his 10th world champion title?

Luka Hribar

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