How to slam a Ferrari

Like it or not, because this Ferrari 348 TS is absolutely nuts!

Why on earth would anyone dare to modify a Ferrari in such a controversial way? Ginpei Yamaguchi from Hokkaido, Japan, is the man behind this one-of-a-kind onikyan-style Ferrari 348 TS and here is the answer. As far he remember, he has loved three things in the automotive world: drifting, stance and classic cars.

SH Ginpei Ferrari 02723 1200x800

The 348 TS is completley slammed to the floor, the subframe which protects the engine block and transmission is only a few millimeters away from touching the ground.

SH Ginpei Ferrari Image 12 1200x800


Even at driving height is still incredibly low. I imagine this car is horrible to drive..

SH Ginpei Ferrari Image 19 1200x800

But Ginpei-san likes it that way. It puts a big smile on his face. And that’s exactly how a sports car is supposed to make you feel, right?

SH Ginpei Ferrari Image 11 1200x800

Luka Hribar

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