700hp ABT Audi RS6 Avant destroying everyone on Nürburgring

ABT is one of Germany’s most important Audi tuners. They transformed the Audi RS6 Avant from a powerful load lugger to a furiously fast estate car.

With 700 hp and 880 Nm of torque to offer, power is up by 25% over the original 560 hp, Vmax is increased too, up to 320 km/h. The ABT Audi RS6 Avant features an innovative ABT engine control unit and an ABT exhaust system and slight engine management modifications. It will reach 100 km/h in no more than 3.4 seconds.

abt audi rs6 8

This particular ABT Audi RS6 is driven by an unknown but pretty damned good driver. Hey, he even looks like Fernando Alonso! He is clearly driving it very aggressively and destroying everyone on one of the most demanding tracks in the world, the Nürburgring. Well done sir!

Luka Hribar

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