Taylor Mackenzie’s bike catches fire in Snetterton

We all know racing is far from safe, even worse if we’re talking about motorcycle racing. But it probably doesn’t get much scarier than this. But then again, we have all been told WD40 is highly flammable.

So you hopped on your bike, laying down the corners and knocking down lap times when suddenly your bike burst into flames.
It’s exactly what happened to Taylor Mackenzie, a British GP racer who literally almost became smoking hot at the recent British Superbikes Championship in Snetterton.
A ruptured fuel line caused his racing Kawasaki to light up. To make matters worse, Taylor didn’t realize his bike was on fire until it was engulfed in flames. Luckily he managed to ditch the bike before suffering any serious injuries.
p.s. it might be wise to not cover your bike and yourself in WD40 before departing the pit lane! Check this video out to see the incredible scene unfold in super slow motion.

Anze Hribar

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