Two stars of the fast lane!

Ilka Štuhec, the Slovenian 2017 downhill skiing world champion, meets Valentino Rossi of Yamaha Movistar at Catalan GP!

Have you ever thought about a race between the fastest female downhill skiing world champion and the nine-time motorcycle world champion? Well, me neither but I bet it would be interesting to watch!

Ilka motogp 2

We are talking of course about the queen of the fast disciplines in alpine skiing Ilka Štuhec and one of the best MotoGP riders of all time, Valentino Rossi. These two amazing athletes met before the qualification for the Grand Prix at the Catalunya track Montmelo near Barcelona.

Ilka motogp 1

 Ilka was a special guest by Akrapovič in the last MotoGP caravan and her great desire was to meet with the nine-time world champion and living legend Valentino Rossi. Akrapovič made her dream come true and the two met in the Yamaha Movistar garage and had a quick chat.

Ilka motogp 3

Ilka described her feelings on her FB page: “That feeling when something drives by with 330km/h! Crazy!! Akrapovič, I would love to be your guest again.”


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