What does NFS like racing look in real life?

Chinese street racers take it on a whole different level, with hitting top speed on public roads, darting in-an-out of oncoming traffic at night and actually going all out insane.

Due to the videos being from 2011 well forgive the potato quality of this insane video series.

Of course street racing is insane, highly illegal, uncaring, bad and seeping across highways and back roads gives off a completely wrong message. So better stick to the Playstation or Xbox and don’t try this on the roads.

Comparing it with video games, the only thing missing to get it to Need For Speed level, would be Police helicopters and feds with SUV’s. We won’t go in the realm of rFactor or similar, as they would simply crash off the road in a heartbeat.

The videos feature Honda S2000, Acura Integra, Accords and others. They manage to cross a giant chunk of China without hitting anyone or anything in this real life street race series, called “Back Up”.


Anze Hribar

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