Driver crashes his brand new Subaru WRX STi!

Today’s victim is a brand new Subaru WRX STi with an owner just dying to show it off.. on the public road.

YouTuber RuslanXRustamov was apparently very proud of his brand new Subaru WRX STi and his “superb” driving skills. Unfortunately, his rallying “god’s” driving skills weren’t enough to defeat the understeering tendencies of the all-wheel-drive beast.

He tries in vain to add more steering as he runs into this corner too fast. You see, here’s the problem. You can’t just steer more. The harder he tries to add more steering, the less his front tires do to actually turn him in to the corner, but his only reaction is to turn more, right to the very moment of impact. The key is to “remove the cause” of the skid. Release the accelerator to reduce the speed, and straighten the steering wheel to allow the front wheels to regain traction. You can read more about understeer and oversteer tendencies in the article “Everything you need to know about understeer and oversteer” I wrote a while ago.

Again, here’s why you don’t try to test the limits of your car and your driving on public roads. You will screw up, that’s for sure. Learned from my own mistake and I’ll never push my car to the limits on the public roads.

Thankfully, there was no oncoming traffic when the crash occurred. The only victim in this case was his innocent WRX STi that ended up in the trees.

Luka Hribar

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