10 things that makes you a petrolhead!

Petrolheads arise! We present you 10 most common things, we get so passionate about and that are extremely boring to others..

#1 Driving a manual

This might be more targeted towards American petrolheads, but if we’re being really honest, driving “stick” it’s not a magical experience, it really is just driving. I just get in my car and drive. Do I have fun while doing it? Yes. Is driving an automatic monotonous and boring? Yes. Go to Europe and ask a regular non-car guy if driving manual is “magical” and he’ll probably look at you strange. Most non-car guys just think you’re weird for wanting to change gears yourself when an automatic can do it perfectly well. We know it usually adds much-needed driver involvement, but no one else gives a damn.

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#2 Oversteer

That feeling when you turn your traction control off, kicking the back out in a corner and catching it up tidily is as close to driving nirvana as we’ll ever get.

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#3 Burnouts

Because burning the rubber and spinning the wheels is fun. To outsiders, it has no discernible benefit to anyone or anything, which is why most people just consider it obnoxious.

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#4 Handbrake turns

Because: “Nothing turns a girl on more than a well-executed handbrake turn”- Jeremy Clarkson

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#5 Downshifts

Like Jeremy Clarkson once said..

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#6 Playing »the song of my people« in the tunnels

The petrolhead law of every tunnel driving: Windows down, slow down, downshift, downshift again..  FLOOR IT.

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#7 Beating someone from the traffic lights who drives a faster car than you

It doesn’t matter if the driver beside you knows your racing him, winning is winning!

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#8 Knowing car specs

Whether it is top speed, engine displacements, power figures or anything else, most petrolheads will know their favorite car inside out. Some of your mates will be impressed and the rest will just call you a boring “petrolhead” geek.

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#9 Knowing a car by the sound it makes

This one goes out to anyone who’s ever been on a walk with their better half, and has suddenly looked up and says “Oh babe, I hear a Subaru!” You know from the look on their face they were not nearly impressed..

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#10 Weight reduction

When your interior looks like a gang of thieves has hacked it to pieces and you try to explain it.. because racecar, bro!

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Luka Hribar

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