You can’t run from Copzilla!

It’s called the Pursuit 23. The most evil looking police project car you’ve ever seen..

Yes, thankfully.. it is just a project car not intended for active duty in any police force.


Presented by Nissan ahead of the upcoming New York Auto Show, this Nissan GT-R R35 has received a mean-looking black wrap and about as many LED police flash lights as one could possibly fit. A gigantic rear wing hangs from the trunk and a set of adjustable coilover dampers mean this thing is properly slammed.


The car even gets 22-inch wheels that are meant to mimic the look of steel wheels, with a hint of “Mad Max” style.


More importantly, the VR38DETT 3.8 litre twin-turbo V6 continues to be of service here, offering 565 hp and 633 Nm, which is more than enough to chase after most baddies. You know what that means: Better watch those speed limits, citizen!!


Luka Hribar

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