The Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake Concept

Toyota’s Australian design team redesigns the GT86 Coupe as something more »family« friendly.

It is close to five years, after the rear-wheel drive sports coupe was originally unveiled. Toyota now continues to toy with the idea of expanding the GT86 line.

We’ve already seen a few different takes on the design including a roadster concept, and these days the company took the wraps off the GT86 Shooting Brake Concept, which was created in collaboration with Toyota team from Australia. The concept takes the existing GT86 shape and modifies it with a gradually sloping roofline that ends in a taller hatchback opening. The idea is, of course, to add more utility than what the coupe version currently offers.

gt86 sportbrake rear

While this is just a concept at this point with no word of a production model, it doesn’t sound like it would be terribly hard to make the 86 Shooting Brake a reality if the demand was there.

“It is a fully functioning, drivable vehicle that has been put through its paces on Toyota test tracks,” explains Tetsuya Tada, GT86 chief engineer. “The GT86’s nicely weighted and direct steering ensures the car retains the coupe’s involving driving experience with a slightly more neutral feel in tight corners.”

Let’s be honest though, we support the concept of the added utility but what we really want is more power than the coupe’s modest 196hp output.

What do you guys think? Do we want more power or more practicality?

Luka Hribar

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