Craziness at Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Do you turn around and listen every time you hear a loud car coming your way? Would you rather sleep in a supercar instead of a house? Well I got some bad news, you’ve just been diagnosed as a chronic petrolhead.

It’s an incurable disease, and the only relief you can get is with your daily fix of gasoline, racing and burnouts. This is why you shouldn’t waste any more time and start planning your trip to next years Goodwood Festival of Speed in Sussex, England.

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Largest luxury and race car event in the world

It’s the largest luxury and race car event in the world hosted on the grounds of the Goodwood House. The events include everything from exotic supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti and every other brand you have ever heard about. We are pretty sure you will also find new exotic brands you haven’t seen before as every manufacturer worth their salt is present at the event to show off their products.

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Super rare and expensive oldtimers

Besides the fancy rides we also get to see the insanely rare old-timers race around the track in a true balls to the wall fashion, driving at the complete edge with multimillion dollars’ worth of rides. One of the more memorable moments was in 2013, when we witnessed the ultra rare Ferrari 250 GTO attend the hillclimb race. To put it into perspective. in 2013 a Ferrari 250 GTO was sold at auction for a mind boggling 53 million dollars.

shiftndrive the goodwood festival of speed ferrari 250 gto

Formula 1 cars doing burnouts

You can also witness Formula 1 and other race cars hooning around, doing burnouts and ripping the tracks apart with their mind boggling accelerations. Practically all of the drivers are professional racers so you can be sure they will put on an amazing show, while keeping you safe. So no need to worry, even when the Mustangs are hooning around.

shiftndrive the goodwood festival of speed ferrari formula 1

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017

So you have already decided that you need to attend the next years event and are scouring Craigslist for what your kidney is worth? Don’t forget to save the provisional dates for next year, 22-25 June 2017. So you still have enough time to start saving up and keep your organs intact.

p.s. You still don’t believe this is a petrolheads Mecca? Checkout the craziness in the video below.

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