The world’s most extreme and exclusive supercar

The McLaren P1 LM. A road-legal version of the track-focused P1 GTR, has been revealed and will be driven up at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed.

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The legendarily awesome McLaren P1 supercar just got even better, thanks to the British Lanzante racing team that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995 with the original McLaren F1. Team owner Paul Lanzante built McLaren’s first production F1 road car into the F1 GTR racer that triumphed at Le Mans on the first try, beating purpose-built racing prototypes in the process. It is also the company who converted five GTRs into LMs for the public to buy.

Two decades later, it’s repeating the same trick with the P1 GTR track toy. The P1 LM is claimed to be the quickest, rarest and last of the P1 variants. The party starts with Kenny Bräck driving the prototype P1 LM up the Goodwood hill on Sunday. Then, Lanzante will build five more P1 LMs. One will be dark grey like the prototype, while the other four come in orange.

Lanzante says the biggest change from the P1 GTR is in the engine hardware, which now produces additional boost and hybrid power to keep the full 986bhp from the P1 GTR. It also gets gold-plated heat shielding in the engine bay, and the charge coolers have been tweaked to be more efficient at higher temperatures.

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The P1 LM is 60kg lighter than the P1 GTR thanks to a number of weight-saving measures. The exhaust headers and catalytic convertor pipes are made from Inconel, saving 4.5kg, and race parts like the air jack system have been removed and lightweight seats from the F1 GTR are used.

Other alterations include fully exposed carbonfibre for the roof and additional panels, as well as improved aerodynamics from a modified rear wing, a front splitter and dive planes that, Lanzante claims, increase downforce over the P1 GTR by 40%.

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For the interior, the car gets exposed carbonfibre for the dashboard, instrument cowl, seat backs, roof, centre console and even floor mats. Lanzante adds an air conditioner though buyers can delete the option should they choose. One special touch is the Alcantara-lined steering wheel which is unique to the P1 LM and basically a modified version of the wheel fitted to the McLaren Formula One car that Lewis Hamilton drove to his first World Championship back in 2008.

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The P1 LM comes complete with a full tool kit, cover, battery charger and 1:8 scale model of the car.

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Given the extensive modifications and the $2 million or so McLaren charged for the P1 GTR in the first place, we don’t even want to know how much it would cost to put one in our driveway. But it sure will be going fast..

Luka Hribar

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