Indycar driver Scott Dixon flying crash at Indianapolis 500

Scott Dixon, who is currently in second place of Indycar championship, started the race from pole position, giving him an extra edge that could land him another victory. Unfortunately nothing went according to plan. But that is not all that happened on race day…

After overtaking Jay Howard for another lap, Jay lost control of his race car, hit the fence and was spun back onto the track just as Dixon was making his pass. The accident was inevitable and Dixon’s race car was flung into the air, flipping while airborne, crashing down onto the safety barrier and finally coming to a halt back on the track.

shiftndrive snd indycar scott dixon flying crash 1

shiftndrive snd indycar scott dixon flying crash

The crowd went silent for a moment but an uproar started when they realized that Scott Dixon if not too badly injured. This crash proved once again why it is so important that race cars abide by safety rules such as roll cages. Even though Jay Howard seemed to have had an easier crash, the rescue crew needed quite a bit more time to get him out.

shiftndrive snd indycar scott dixon flying crash 3

shiftndrive snd indycar scott dixon flying crash 4

Dixon later told ESPN:

I’m a little beaten up there, it was a bit of a rough ride, I think when you make those decisions, which way to go with the car, you’re hoping Jay there is going to stay up against the wall. We had nowhere to go, and that happens.

But wait, this wasn’t all the excitement Scott Dixon had during the weekend. Just a few hours after the insane crash he was sitting in a car in front of taco Bell with his wife and three times race winner Dario Franchitti, when he was robbed at gunpoint.

Police already arrested two boys, aged 14 and 15. Talk about a crazy weekend!


Anze Hribar

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