Alonso and Massa fooling around at the Circuit de Catalunya in a Ferrari Italia 458

A great video of a hot lap with Alonso and Massa driving the Ferrari 458 Italia at the Circuit de Catalunya.

While Formula 1 is both a serious business and a sport, it’s often times quite hard for F1 drivers to catch themselves a little time to have some fun in a road car – specifically a Ferrari 458 Italia out on Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya with a pair of ex-Scuderia Ferrari F1 2013 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa showing us how to manhandle the 458 as it should be while showing us their smiles.

I know, the video is 4 years old but it’s great to see the two of them smiling and having some fun together. With a mid-mounted engine sending some 570bhp to the rears, who wouldn’t be smiling in a Ferrari 458 Italia? It’s also funny to watch the passenger reaction as the other one drives. Massa seems ok, while Alonso seems scared!

Luka Hribar

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