Augusto Farfus and his wife in a M3 in Nürburgring

This video never gets old and it’s always fun to watch! Augusto Farfus is a Brazilian racing driver with alot of racing experience.. in other words, Farfus knows a thing or two about speed, which is why we’re surprised that his wife Liri asked to see what a day in the office was like for her husband.

The result is hilarious, even more so than the viral classic of ex-F1 driver Ricardo Patrese, driving his wife around Jerez circuit in a Honda Civic Type R.

Augusto promises Liri that the first 7km are the most exciting and thereafter things will quieten down. It takes less than 20 seconds before Liri asks her “Ninho” to slow down, then there are some great one-liners as Augusto tries to convince his wife that he’s actually driving really slow “I am not driving fast, only at 250km/h” (compared to how he’d normally tackle the ‘ring) but here are my favorite parts:

Liri: “Are you being careful?”

Augusto: “I’m driving very slowly. There’s a MINI behind us. He wants to overtake, but we won’t let that happen!”

Augusto: “Here’s a corner called ‘Flugplatz’. The car will be jumping soon!”

Liri: “Please Ninho, don’t jump! Don’t Jump!”

And then best part:

Augusto: “I’ll brake here, 3rd gear all the way, then full throttle!”

Augusto: “That’s the last corner. Claudia (Hurtgen) taught me after sign 186, you drive around hit the throttle hard!”

Liri: “Drive around and hit the throttle, are you mad?”

Augusto: “Claudia told me that, I’m putting my foot down and that’s it!”

Liri: “I’m going to kill Claudia!”

The rest of the video includes just a few more words from Liri. “Ninho! Ninho! Ninho! Ninho! Ninho! Ninho! Ninho! Ninho! Ninho! Ninhoooo!”

Luka Hribar

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