The Simple Solution to Traffic

Traffic is an everyday part of life for most everyone but does it have to be? What causes traffic exactly? You know the type of traffic where everyone is at a complete stop on the interstate but there isn’t any car accident in sight? This video breaks traffic down scientifically and explains what the simplest solution to this problem is!

The always compelling CGP Grey looks at the behaviours underlying traffic patterns, such as city and highway traffic jams. He provides some simple things we can do to reduce the problem, but his ultimate fix would require a far more dramatic change..

Removing monkey drivers is the key, I agree with that. Anyhow, designing a solution for both robots and monkeys is far more difficult than replacing the whole system with robots in one shot. Recently auto driving technology also bumps into the debate on “robot morality” which is about “should your driverless car hit a pedestrian to save your life?”. Auto-driving is more complicated than we think..

Luka Hribar

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