Badass Latvian – Kristaps Blušs

Ken Block who? I’m just kidding. But seriously, this guy! He has some insane skills when it comes to drifting. If you follow pro-level drifting in Europe and the US, I’m pretty much sure you’ve already heard about the name Kristaps Blušs and his company HGK Motorsport.


If you haven’t, you definitely will, after watching this new clip from Robert Vitols, simply titled – Badass Latvian..

They even made a “behind a scene” video, if you guys are interested..

And I’ve also done some research on the car. This BMW E46 is powered by a monster 950hp whipple-supercharged LS7 engine behind the front strut towers and back through the original bulkhead. It also has a Tex Racing 4-speed dog-box, which is transmitting power through a BMW Motorsport M3 LSD and 1000hp axles from The Driveshaft Shop. Worth mentioning is also the HGK’s in-house made hydraulic handbrake lever.




Luka Hribar

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