780hp Subaru Impreza – The Gobstopper

Watch a 780 bhp Subaru Impreza aka The Gobstopper, tear the racetrack to shreds leaving Evos, Supras and RX7s and others in the dust. Even though the car sports a large wing, a diffusor at the front and back plus a custom bottom to increase the downforce, it just isn’t enough to keep it from lighting up all four tires under heavy acceleration.

This 1999 Subaru Impreza STI Version 6 Type-R is powered by a custom built EJ20 closed deck 2.0 liter flat 4 cylinder engine. It can squeeze out an impresive 780 bhp and 786Nm of torque. Its massive 700cc injectors take care of the fuel supply and if you think that almost 800 bhp isn’t enough, they’ve also added a 100bhp direct nitrous injection system which is controlled progressively via Motec M800 ECU.

the gobstopper subaru impreza time attack shiftndrive

the gobstopper subaru impreza time attack shiftndrive 3

It drives the power to all four wheels (Team Dynamics Pro Forged) via 6 speed sequential dog box. And with so much power and speed it needs all of its 380mm AP Racing carbon front brakes and 340mm at the rear, to make it stop quickly and efficiently.

The gobstopper was created by Roger Clark Motorsport and it took the title of TotB overall winner in 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2008 and 2009 they also took the title of Time Attack Pro Champions.

the gobstopper subaru impreza time attack shiftndrive 1

Photo credit: Roger Clark Motorsport

Still not impressed? Take a look at the video from Snetterton (hint, the onboard footage starts at 2:10)

p.s. did we tell you that this is The Gobstopper I. and that they’ve also made The Gobstopper II.?

Anze Hribar

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