1. Time Attack 2017 at Raceland – Gallery

Photo gallery of the first Time Attack in Krško for 2017 season. Great weather, amazing cars and a lot of equipment testing allowed us to get some unforgettable shots.

 One of my favourite cars of the day was an amazing Alfa Romeo 4c. its easy to see why, as it is exceptionaly photogenic.

IMG 8993 1

 Another thing that caught my eye was a Nissan 350z drifting its way around the track!

IMG 8866

 After getting the settings down, the pannings started to get good, still some room for improvement though.

IMG 8902

 And seeing we’re at a racetrck, sometimes things don’t really go as planned.

IMG 9086

 But you, you were just posing for the camera, right? 🙂

IMG 8875

 Don’t forget to check out the gallery below and share page with your friends as you enjoy the pictures. Also, if you think there’s too many photos well you can just…

IMG 9014


Anze Hribar

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