Lamborghini Gallardo towing a trailor – Why not?

If you would see a Lamborghini Gallardo rolling around town with a roof rack and a trailer hooked to the back you would probably think the owner has gone insane. So take a look what happened in downtown Montreal!

Well it’s not what you think, the Lamborghini Gallardo carrying wooden planks and an insulation roll on its roof while towing a trailer was not a case of a bad divorce settlement nor did the owner lose his mind.

It was a marketing stunt for a French Canadian television station Canal Vie’s “Des rénos qui rapportent gros”, a home improvement show.

“The Lamborghini is the ultimate luxury sports car, so to use it for renovations, it attracts attention, and it allows us to illustrate perfectly the title of our new issue”

said Marie-Ève Fortier, Director, Marketing and Communications at Bell Media that owns Canal Vie.

We completely agree with her on the matter of ultimate luxury sports car and it definitely made the impression they were hoping for!

See the Gallardo in action by watching the video below!


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