7 minutes of pure V12 music

The Ferrari 250 GTO. With gorgeous styling, a lot of speed and power, championship-winning engineering and exclusivity, it is the most desired race car in the world. I dare you to name any other Ferrari to boast such an impressive package.

ferrari 250 gto 5

250 GTO is currently one of the most expensive cars in the world, with a multimillion price tag. At this level of performance, style and pedigree, it’s no surprise.No one really knows the highest price that has been paid for a GTO but we estimate the value these days went up and over $40,000,000 USD! Only 36 cars exist and all have colorful and known histories.

Some cars lost their original engines and aluminum bodies long ago, due to 1960’s racing, which make the few correct cars even more valuable. But are they really worth that much?

Well, just listen to the sound of the V12 which is only one of the reasons why the Ferrari 250 GTO is so desired.

Thanks again, Petrolicious!

Luka Hribar

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