Wrecked Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio in Slovenia

Someone crashed a brand spanking new “test” white Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio in Slovenia..

We know very little about the crash, only that it was a test drive (probably by some car journalist) and it obviously didn’t end well..

giulia wreck2

The damage is bad. The rear bumper is destroyed, together with its side fender connecting the door.

giulia wreck1

The front end and front right door are also badly damaged, as the front bumper hasn’t been ripped completely off but is barely hanging on, and the fact that the front right wheel is badly damaged, we guess there might be some chassis geometry issues as well. We hope the driver is ok, because the Giulia earned five starts from the Euro NCAP, scoring 98 percent in terms of adult occupant protection. The result is the highest score ever achieved by a vehicle before and since Euro NCAP introduced a more severe evaluation system in 2015.

There are also only two Giulia QV known in Slovenia. The first one is the wrecked.. khm.. the white one with a manual transmission. And the second one is the red one, with the automatic transmission, recently driven by our friend, car journalist Komotar Minuta. The red one is pretty much in a good condition!

komotar giulia


Luka Hribar

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