New Renault Talisman – Technologically most advanced Renault

The name comes from a tried and tested ways of the French manufacturers naming. Easy to pronounce and understandable around the globe.

It was designed to compete head to head with the eight generation Volkswagen Passat being sold in Europe. The front is upscale with a large five row grille and a humongous Renault badge. The daytime LED lights, they come as standard, follow a notable C-curve and stretch well into the bumper.

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As a direct replacement to Laguna, it still fits into the segment D but has grown by 15 centimeters to 4.85 meters in length. That leads us to assume that the new model is sporting a more spacious interior.

Inside, the new Renault Talisman really shows its technological advance over the previous models. The dash board is dominated by a 8.7 inch tablet screen running the latest Renault R-link 2 system. There is also an option of an upscale trim level with a fully configurable digital instrument cluster. The treats include an especially for the Talisman developed Bose sound system as well as different driver aids, like emergency braking in city and opening of the trunk hands-free.

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Renault’s engineers have combined their well-known and sophisticated four wheel steering and electronically controlled damping. All of it, including the steering servomechanism, engine control, dual clutch gearbox and more, is controlled by the multi-sense system introduced recently in the new Espace. Multi-Sense system has four predefined settings (comfort, sport, eco and neutral) and a fifth that is left to the driver to define. By this account the Talisman could also pose as a dynamic limousine not just a regular family car.

renault talisman 15

Besides the before mentioned system, the Talisman also shares the engine pallet with Espace. But as the Renault has pointed out, the new Talisman will weight 200kg less, meaning it will be a lot more dynamic. That is probably also the reason for a fifth engine choice (gasoline TCe 150) which will only be available with a dual clutch gearbox. The same goes for the TCe 200 and dCi 160. Manual gear box will only be available with two weakest diesel powered engines, dCi 110 and dCi 130.

It is presumed to go on sale before the end of the year. They will also introduce a station wagon variant, but the poor selling results of the Laguna Coupe, mean we will not see a two door version of the Talisman.

Anze Hribar

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