Golf GTI Clubsport concept announced!

Austrian annual Wörthersee GTI meet is about to begin and Volkswagen is already starting to show glimpses of this years nuttery. They have just announced the 265-hp Golf GTI Clubsport concept.

It’s already far from the most powerful thing to bow near Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia, Austria, but the good news is that it will go into production.

At only 35 horsepower over the European-market GTI with Performance pack and 45 horsepower over that car’s U.S.-market equivalent, the front-drive Clubsport is probably going to come close to matching the performance of the range-topping, all-wheel-drive Golf R. It also pack an overboost function adding extra 25 horsepower when you absolutely need it.

Anze Hribar

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